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"The Jesuits traditionally seek out the best and brightest minds, and you are indeed that." - Lawrence Biondi, S.J.

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Panel of six mulls over Middle East news
"The purpose of the clips, Darren Pais, ISF member and event organizer, said, was to create a medium for discussion."....... " The panel, selected by Pais, included SLU professors Mark Chmiel, Ph.D., Steven Puro, Ph.D., J.R. Leguey-Feilleux,Ph.D. and students Lubabah Abdullah, Patrick Ishmael and Yael Pilson. Ronald Modras."

Deanna Durrett receives prestigious Truman Grant
"This was a complete shock to me," Durrett said. The merit-based grant provides Durrett with $30,000 to continue with graduate or professional studies, in preparation for a career in public service.


What do rankings really rank? by Brian Carl
If our goal is to become the best Catholic university in the nation--and not merely the best university that also happens to be Catholic--then before we put too much stock in the U.S. News rankings, we should see whether its ranking criteria really go hand-in-hand with our Catholic identity."

Simple, frank... and maybe just like us. by Patrick Ishmael
ver the past semesters, my perception of Fr. Biondi has been refined and restructured, and I have yet another adjective to add to the myriad of descriptions--kind and otherwise--that students have for our president. 'Simple.' "

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